Pandora Care Management System. Is it secure?

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Pandora Care Management System. Is it secure?

Back in May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. We agree, that this may not sound like the most exciting news in the world. However, it is kind of important as it came with a bunch of new rules about the way data is collected, used and stored. Therefore, not only are there all these new rules to follow, but there is also the potential of a £20 million fine if you don't manage your data safely. That's surely enough to take it seriously!


For the health industry these new rules have already had a huge impact. It is now much more difficult to justify the use of paper records. Therefore this is why more and more care organisations are turning to an online care management system.


Back up!


All Pandora data is stored on a secure server, and for your added security and reassurance Pandora Care Management System backs up on not one, not two, but three different servers. This gives extra layers of protection.


Back ups are run every day!

That's right, the back ups are done every single day, therefore allowing you extra reassurance.


SSL certificate increasing security


A SSL certificate creates a basis of trust by providing a secure connection for all users. This gives an added layer of protection for your security.


Access roles and authorisations on the system to control who had access to what


The security of Pandora Care Management System is ensured on a day to day basis by the provision of access roles and authorisations. Basically, user access to Pandora Care Management System is role based. This means that it grants access to specific features depending on the permissions granted to the users' specific roles. This ensures that data can only be seen by those employees who need to see it.