Pandora can solve your care home problems

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Pandora can solve your care home problems

Well, that's a bold statement for us to make isn't it? 'Pandora can solve your care home problems', the question is...can we back it up with evidence? Of course we can! Read on..


Problem 1 - 'There's a meeting in 5 minutes and I can't find the service user's file!'

Our solution to this scenario is a paperless system and easy access to service user records. But how do we achieve this? Well all service user profiles are accessed within the desktop and the application version of the care management system. This also means that everything that is recorded within the system can be accessible through these areas. This includes the service user timeline, risk assessments and employee records.


Problem 2- 'CQC want all this information and I don't know where to start!'

When CQC or other external bodies want to see something fast, the longer it takes for you to find it, often the more disorganised you can appear. So when someone requests more information on an incident, you can provide the incident reports, RCA documents, observations and daily notes instantly.


 Problem 3- 'I've got to get this rota done before I can go home'

It is clear that completing the rotas take time, but it can take twice as long if you are still completing them by paper or on spreadsheets. The solution is to have a care management system that helps you create the rota easily and links to the employee hours so the job of authorising hours is done seamlessly.


Problem 4- 'But I wasn't aware that action was for me!'

Communication and productivity go hand in hand. But if you are writing actions on post-it notes and sticking them to your PC, then things need to change. With our care management system Task Engine can keep all actions in one place, and it's easy to see who has what task and at what stage they are with it.