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Meeting Manager

What is Meeting Manager?

On some days it can feel like you’re in meetings All.Day.Long. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if the meetings feel disorganised or unproductive. You just end up feeling like it’s a waste of time, and I’m sure not many of us have time to waste!

This feeling is often the result of numerous, unstructured and unnecessarily lengthy meetings. These meetings often come with documents and agendas, sent via email, weeks in advance. Emails that you received, filed and forgot to read before the meeting. The same meetings can end with pages of minutes and lists of actions, however, only productive if they are read.

Therefore, to end the unproductive nature of meetings, Pandora Care Management System created 'Meeting Manager'. Very simply, this is meeting software that helps improve meeting effectiveness and efficiency, with better preparation, organisation, structure and recording.


Before the Meeting

The initial stage is all about the preparation. It allows you to create a meeting, add attendees, set the agenda and add documents. It is from here that the attendees get all the information they need to prepare properly for the meeting.


During the Meeting

At the time of setting the agenda, the host is able to allocate timings to each agenda item. Therefore, during the meeting you can easily see if you have spent too long on one item and adjust accordingly.


After the Meeting

When the meeting has ended, the minutes can either be added directly to the notes or if you prefer, typed and added as a document. Therefore, either way, it means the minutes are easily distributed.

Then, whatever actions you create in Meeting Manager are sent via the linked Task Engine. Therefore, you can track to see what actions have been completed or reassigned, in real time.