How do we support compared to other care management systems?

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How do we support compared to other care management systems?

We offer a complete care management system

We acknowledge that a care management system is a big investment, therefore we ensure our system is a complete system. You won't need to buy any 'extras'!


We offer ongoing support included in your price, so you don't have to worry about buying help to use our system

Exactly that. You will never need to spend money on extra help to use our care management system.


We help you setup so that you get the best experience using our system

There is no way in the world we will install the care management system and run. Instead we will support you through the complete set-up process; ensuring everything runs exactly as it should do.


We offer you training days and we can even have a Pandora Xpert on site to shadow and ensure everyone is fine using the system

Tech support is often offered online, through web chats and video calls. However, we recognise that nothing really beats having a real person available to help. Therefore we provide training days and the option to send a Pandora Xpert to your service to provide first-hand help.


The more users you have on the system the cheaper the price gets

Yes, in the complete opposite of what you would expect, the more users, the less cost to you! Therefore it pays to have as many employees on the care management system as possible. This is an added benefit for your organisation and increases the effectiveness of the system.


We do not charge you any extra for updates we do to the system

Of course, we always work hard to make improvements to the care management system.  These improvements will be added in the form of updates, much as any website or app has, and of course they are completely free!