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Home Working App

Technology for the most part, makes life easier.  It speeds up processes, reduces time spent on tasks, and also provides us with access to information instantly. We have apps to book trains, count calories, bank, so why wouldn't we have an app to assist employees with work? Well, guess what? We have.


Access Calendar & Book Shifts


Plans can change at the drop of the hat, we all know that, right? Well if it does, you can quickly and conveniently access your calendar through the home-working app and make the changes you need. Or, if you like to plan ahead you can ensure your calendar is full for the upcoming months. Therefore ensuring your plans happen! This ability to schedule and book shifts is incredibly convenient and means you know exactly where you need to be.


Update Employee Information


You know when you move house or switch your bank, it feels like there are endless forms to fill in. You know all you really want to do is to have the ability to update it quickly and with as less fuss as possible. Well, with the home-working app your profile can be easily and securely accessed. Therefore, your personal information can be quickly and conveniently updated directly from the app.


View Tasks


If you want to get a head start on the coming day, you can check the tasks that have been assigned to you. You can also update the task progress and mark as complete. This way you'll never forget a task again!


Use Inmail


Keep your personal and work emails completely separate with the use if Inmail. The home working app lets you access Inmail at all times, however this means you are fully in control of when to read emails and when not to, maintaining a healthy work/life balance.