Incident report system

Reducing Incidents With An Incident Report System

Incidents used to be reported on paper pads, in triplicate, with the copies filed in various places. Then if you wanted to pull data read more...

Electronic Patient Records, All You Need To Know

For many years healthcare relied on paper-based records, meaning piles of files, or lose bits of paper left floating around desks. This read more...

Care Management System Any Good?

Here are 7 ways you can be certain a Care Management System is worth investing in

Customer Support is at the heart of our service

Customer Support is at the heart of our service

At Pandora we strive to ensure that our clientele base are empowered in all manners by just being connected to us. The Pandora X Care read more...


Care Management System: Electronic Patient Records - EPR

It’s more than going paperless with our care management system. Above all improving the quality of care and increasing data protection read more...